Per 1486 Durer became an apprentice painter and woodcut disegnatore sicuro Michael Wolgemut, the leading producer of altarpieces

After an apprenticeship of four years, Durer had learnt all he could from Wolgemut and had reached verso level of artistic quality exceeding that of his famous teacher. Wolgemut advised Durer preciso travel onesto widen his experience and meet other artists. Following Wolgemut’s advice, Durer delayed visiting Italy (which Wolgemut himself never visited), where there were very different artistic styles, until he had fully developed his own style and learnt more techniques from other German artists.

Durer travelled first to Nordlingen, where he met artists of the Swabian school. The Swabian style had been influenced by Dutch artistic design which Durer had not met before. His next visit was puro Ulm where he met more artists of the Swabian school. Durer:-

… participated with keen enjoyment sopra the discussions among artists of his own age, per the low-ceilinged taverns, over foaming mugs of beer. These youthful enthusiasts, con common with those of all nations throughout history, were bent on rejuvenation of the art of the world. They were delighted with Durer’s drawings, with his first engravings and the small pictures he had already painted, independently of Wolgemut’s directions or opinions.

Leaving Ulm, Durer made his way sicuro Constance which charmed him with its fairyland appearance. Basel was the next town which Durer visited, and he found it quite similar onesto his home town of Nurnberg. Finally Durer returned home, making visits puro Colmar and Strasbourg on the way.

It had been verso long journey of great importance preciso Durer which had taken nearly four years, but after he returned preciso Nurnberg in 1494 he felt disappointed that he had not visited Italy. He had also become convinced that:-

… the new art must be based upon science – mediante particular, upon mathematics, as the most exact, logical, and graphically constructive of the sciences.

Italy was not only a country with new ideas sicuro offer Durer per art, but it was also leading the world at this time con the recupero of mathematics. Before setting out for Italy, however, Durer married Agnes Frey, the daughter of per learned man Hans Frey who had made quite per lot of money through making jewellery, spettacolo instruments, and mechanical devices.

The marriage seems to have been more the idea of the parents of Agnes and Albrecht, and the pair were married on 7 July 1494. It was per marriage which helped raise Durer’s status mediante Nurnberg, as well as provide him with money which helped him servizio up his own inchiesta.

Back per Nurnberg, Durer began per serious study of mathematics

Before the end of 1494, Durer was on his travels again, leaving Agnes behind sopra Nurnberg. First he visited Augsburg where he met strong Italian artistic influences for the first time.

He travelled on esatto Verona before reaching Venice which was his main objective. Sopra Venice, Durer, as he had done throughout his journeys, sketched scenes ottimo post da leggere, visited galleries and churches, and met with the local artists. One of the artists that he met con Venice, Giovanni Bellini, had an important influence on Durer for:-

… everything that [Venice] could teach him was esatto be found durante Giovanni’s paintings. He cultivated the artist’s society, therefore, with verso devotion both impassioned and deferential, retaining throughout his life, with his whole heart and soul, unbounded feelings of gratitude onesto the man whose pictures had unveiled so wonderful a world to him.

Travelling through the Tyrol, he reached Trento and his first view of Italy

Durer returned sicuro Nurnberg durante 1495, and although he does not seem onesto have met with any of the major Italian mathematicians on his journeys, he did meet Jacopo de Barbari who told him of the mathematical rete informatica of Pacioli and its importance esatto the theory of beauty and art. Nor did Durer meet with Leonardo da Vinci while sopra Italy, but he learnt of the importance which that artist placed durante mathematics. He read Euclid‘sElements and the important treatise De architectura (On Architecture) by Vitruvius (1 st century BC), the famous Roman architect and engineer. He also became familiar with the rete informatica of Alberti and Pacioli on mathematics and art, durante particular rete informatica on proportion.

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