Reading Gajeel’s voice, Levy swims in order to their venue

In their combat Torafusa and Tempesta, Gajeel and you can Natsu start to bicker, up to Tempesta launches an enormous wave of black colored drinking water. Gajeel says to Natsu to keep the latest girls and find a getaway route from liquid, only to get a hold of him unconscious.

Gajeel try advised the water is actually toxic and will destroy him along with his comrades from inside the five full minutes. Stressed Torafusa, Gajeel’s sky suply in the future is out, leading to Gajeel to concern his likeliness to exist. His consciousness diminishing, Gajeel sees a white. Levy seems and you can transfers her own heavens to Gajeel via lips in order to mouth area, leading to him to wake up from the her very own consciousness’ expenses. Enjoying Levy’s exposure, Gajeel wonders as to the reasons she actually is here. Torafusa attacks Gajeel once again, however, Gajeel re-comes into Iron Shadow Dragon Mode that’s in a position to securely battle straight back, if you’re holding Levy.

Getting cut back to help you their own sensory faculties when Gajeel viscously shakes their particular, Levy was asked because of the Dragon Slayer to give sky so you’re able to their unique most other comrades, and will get flustered when she finds out she might have made use of their Wonders giving Gajeel sky instead of lips-to-mouth area. Using their own Secret at once, Levy brings a bubble away from sky for her and you can Gajeel so you’re able to inhale of the, immediately after which swims out to let Juvia, Lucy and you may Natsu given that Gajeel will continue to race Torafuzar.

While you are Gajeel and you may Levy take Laxus and Juvia with Porlyusica very you to definitely both of them discovered medical help, Levy tries to make bull crap by saying that Gajeel should create a beneficial ballad for her in order to have stored his existence (giving your heavens). Gajeel reflects for a moment and actually starts to play, up to an incredibly embarrassed Levy request him to avoid.

Each week pursuing the beat out-of Tartaros, Levy uses go out which have Gajeel, exactly who attempts to handle Metalicana’s losses. the guy drops sleep into sidewalk, Levy reminds your it is perhaps not the brand new guild, very he can not do this, but their own review only meets his quiet since a response.

Avatar Arch [ ]

Levy infiltrated on Avatar’s cult putting on all the information in order to stop all cultist. The new trio didn’t catch the former comrades out of Fairy Tail, even in the event Gajeel said from time to time that he would stop them. Up coming, Levy and you may Gajeel went along to brand new Miracle Council to theoretically quit its operate while the people in this new Magic Council Enforcement Tool and you will met later from inside the Magnolia the rest of its guild couples.

Alvarez Kingdom Arch [ ]

Gajeel and reformed B group minds out over boost the chief infiltration team by looking Laxus. Levy angrily captures up with her or him and you can says you to definitely she was perhaps not allowed. However, Gajeel retorted because of the stating that she try therefore short thus she could have fit into his wallet, ultimately causing their own exclaiming you to definitely Gajeel is actually an enormous dummy. Juvia helps make particular comments about the subject, and you can thinks they are teasing.

When the class comes has reached Blue Pegasus’ sizzling hot springs, they to meet Ichiya, which informs her or him you to Laxus together with Thunder-god Group has actually inserted Blue Pegasus, something unexpected situations Levy. Whenever Gajeel is actually kicked off to the fresh ladies side of the very hot springs and you can countries towards the top of Levy, she actually is significantly embarrassed for example strikes him. Prior to Alvarez first attacked, Gajeel and you may Levy have emerged sleep together.

The evening through to the battle would be to begin, Levy notices Gajeel sitting aside late at night and asks in the event the he is attending other people right up, that the guy responds she is you to definitely chat. Levy states one to the woman is frightened just like the challenger ‘s the strongest he’s actually ever encountered and her magic just cannot compare. Quickly, Jamaican meninas bonitas Gajeel border their particular for the iron nightclubs, saying he or she is gonna stop her for whining. She pouts a bit in advance of he says he or she is planning stop their particular and you can lock their unique upwards regarding the guild’s prisons, resulting in her to following look.

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