Team Natsu productivity home to their Guild that have Wendy and you will Carla

Having Wendy accepted to the Fairy Tail and Gildarts’ homecoming, the complete town of Magnolia was thrown towards the disarray, because they are the drawn for the parallel universe, Edolas, as a consequence of a portal. Watching no other way to obtain their members of the family right back, Natsu, Wendy, Happier, and you may Carla utilize the pieces of you to webpage in order to go to where their friends is actually. When they appear, but not, things are not what it seems to get, because they find out one to people they know are not the ones they destroyed. Making things tough, in the middle of it-all, he or she is thrown on the a scary spot within Exceeds, new Dragon Slayers, and you can Mystogan’s father: Faust!

Participant, New Family members [ ]

Natsu enjoys a short time of ill free transportation and you can Lucy believes back to all that taken place after discovering the real truth about Cait Safety. The fresh Allied Forces players have the ability to headed returning to the respective guilds into the an effective terminology. It inquire to form an agreement with Lucy, and you can the woman is astonished to get step three of one’s a dozen Zodiac tips at once. She in addition to shows their own kindness in it, and that cannot surprise to have Gemini, confuses Scorpio, and you will pleasures Aries if you are place free of mistreatment, and getting that have Loke once more.

As they arrive at Fairy Tail, Wendy and you may Carla try instantaneously invited of the individuals. They learn that Wendy ‘s the Sky Dragon Slayer, plus the Learn upcoming leaves a welcome team to possess Wendy and you can Carla. Wendy instantaneously requires a liking to your guild but Carla is some interrupted because of the guild’s immaturity. Gajeel, bending on rod when he observe new festivity, will get annoyed observe both Natsu and you may Wendy have their unique cats while he is the just Dragon Slayer without it. Mystogan next seems down from the second floor and that’s astonished observe Wendy arriving at Fairy Tail, just before the guy disappears.

A few days afterwards the city and also the guild discover Gildarts’ get back, with a lot of of the brand new members unaware of what’s going on up until they discover that Gildarts is the best Mage out of Fairy End, and this he previously simply returned from a good century trip once 3 years. Following the announcement regarding Gildarts’ return, the city instantaneously sets up the metropolis to get broke up to own a course right to Fairy End titled Gildarts’ Shift. Simply because his Magic Break, which ruins whatever he touches.

When Gildarts gets to the guild, he is astonished to see how much cash the building and lots of away from their family relations got altered. Natsu upcoming, without concern, charge toward your to own a battle however, becomes beaten with just that throw. The guy later discussions which have Makarov regarding objective, and you can claims that he wouldn’t end up it, significantly shocking someone while the he could be its most powerful Mage. He later on leaves to possess his household, however, tells Natsu ahead over because he has got one thing to tell him ahead of eventually ruining a wall structure when you’re leaving.

Information 1 Summation step one.step 1 Fellow member, New Family members 1.2 The new Crisis step 1.step 3 The world On the reverse side: Go into Edolas step one.4 Truth of the 6 12 months Goal 1.5 Battle Royale step one.six New Hero and you can Villain of your New world step 1.7 The newest Family unit members appear, Dated Friends Get back

Lucy is actually approached of the Gemini, Scorpio, and you will Aries whom give their particular away from Angel’s stop in addition to their nullified agreements Summation [ ]

Delighted and you may Natsu direct for the Gildarts’ house as well as the the very first thing the guy asks is focused on Natsu’s relationship with Lisanna, on the second easily to get disappointed and you can telling him you to definitely she died two years back before proceeding to exit, until Gildarts closes your and informs him in the conference a a beneficial black colored Dragon and just how that Dragon pushed him to quit the new 100 season mission. Natsu tries to try to escape, as the he believes that Black Dragon might discover in which Igneel try and exactly how he may look for him, however, Gildarts attempts to stop him, appearing your the new really serious wounds the guy received if Dragon attacked your. As he says to Natsu you to no human you may overcome the Dragon, Natsu angrily exclaims that he’s named a great Dragon Slayer to have a great reasoning and works out-of.

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