Yukino Yukinoshita( ??? ?? ,Yukinoshita Yukino) ‘s the deuteragonist from Yahari Ore no Seishun Like Become wa Machigatteiru

She actually is students away from Class 2J from Sobu Senior high school plus the beginning president of Solution Club. She was the actual only real member up until Hachiman Hikigaya entered her.

Yukino is fairly common. Hachiman, just who cannot recognize people of their classification, acknowledged Yukino once it found from the Services Bar.


Yukino is actually a lovely teenage girl away from mediocre top and you can narrow build. She has fair facial skin, enough time black colored hair you to leaks more than her arms and you can as a result of the lady waist, and you may an enthusiastic ahoge you to definitely lies apartment atop the woman lead. Adorning this lady locks are a couple of red ribbons merely over for every shoulder. This lady most hitting element is actually a pair of highest, sharp blue-eyes.

Yukino is generally noticed in this lady university uniform: a black colored blazer which have a white top, a red ribbon link, and you will a beneficial plaid skirt. Together with her uniform she wears black colored leg-duration stockings that will be embellished which have white stripes, which will be sometimes viewed with a bluish garment in the winter months. She sometimes wears a pair of bluish-white blocking servings, made available to this lady from the Hachiman, while you are taking care of a computer.


Yukino was prideful, talented and very smart, however, will getting dull and you can suggest problems in others without thought. She believes that it’s the burden of one’s “exceptiona goodl” (good.k.a beneficial. herself) to aid the new faster happy, which Hachiman Hikigaya means because the this lady twisted nobility. Initially this lady has an extremely cooler and you can unfriendly attitude, getting the woman the fresh new moniker from Ice Queen, although this alter along with her character advancement once the she genuinely gets kinder and you can friendlier.

The girl identity is visible while the extremely haughty for some someone. Not surprisingly, she nevertheless attempts to learn someone else that’s kind and caring in her turned ways; she actually is also a lot better than Hachiman from the understanding the emotional side of other people. According to Hachiman, this woman is peerless when you look at the feel and you will identity.

To your a individual height, Yukino detests become talked about to possess an inferior boobs than many other ladies emails. She constantly tries to maintain an elegant and you may dignified physical appearance, which is highly obvious whenever she shielded the woman laughs just after Hachiman had showed his social event slogan.

Yukino is actually a competitive people, willing to profit one competition technically and you can unofficially to show by herself. There are certain types of that it in the collection, such as when she accepted Shizuka Hiratsuka’s difficulties when asked if the she is scared of shedding. Her chief power is the girl wish to meet or exceed the girl sibling, going in terms of creating exactly what the woman sibling got carried out in order to demonstrate that she you can expect to get it done just as well.

Despite all of this, Yukino’s icy outside slow fades about collection, sharing the girl insecure side to those alongside their. She is a massive partner out-of Dish-san, an effective panda character. She actually comes with the actual manuscript of one’s tale and its overflowing toy, and therefore Hachiman discovers stunning.

Yukino also displayed this lady “cooler deal with” when Yumiko conveyed the girl thought of Dish-san not being cute. She and questioned their relatives to get silent over time off Pan-san bamboo battle. The lady fixation having Pan-san is known by the one another Yui Yuigahama and you may Hachiman. Yukino is almost constantly attracted to locations was Dish-san try exhibited. Even after the girl perform to cover up their love for Bowl-san, she periodically glides up-and inform you the new fan edge of the woman.

Yukino is additionally fond of kittens and you can things pet-relevant. This really is revealed about cartoon collection and you may was concentrated considerably on Light akura, causing him to inquire about their regarding it in the a tone that recommended he is actually dubious away from their sanity. When you look at the Drama Video game, it was mentioned because of the Haruno Yukinoshita one to Yukino have a hobby out of hugging the lady Bowl-san toy Bewertungen von Sport-Dating-Seiten and you may observe pet video on her behalf desktop. Some other such as for example is during the a trip at tank, where she is significantly interested in the new catsharks as a result of the term “cat” staying in their label.

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